Empowering investors by simplifying fundraising

Flow is a platform offering a unique blend of services to empower investors.

During the life of this engagement, I took a critical eye at all aspects of the business and created solutions that bring ease and clarity to investing in, and managing, private funds.

The architecture was reworked to support the various roles. Context and progress were introduced into the participation steps. A versatile form treatment was invented. Tasks and a dashboard to house them were designed to ground the customers with their required involvement. The Flow brand even got a fresh new look.





UX/UI Design



Onboarding and profile setup

Strategically thinking through every step, we cover all the critical requirements taking a user from invite to investing.

Fund details

Investing in just a couple of simple steps

Managing all the details about your investments

From adding partners to signing deal documents, managing everything about your funds with Flow.

Design library

As with all my projects, handoff includes the design library – a documented index of all elements, components, and patterns used to build and maintain the system.