Meet iota – the smallest GPS tracker in the world.

Silicon valley startup, Iotera, asked me to create an online marketing solution for their tracking device. I designed and implemented a custom website that showcases and sells the product while introducing new visuals around the brand. The site has increased sales and integrates with Shopify, Zendesk, Mailchimp, Instagram, and Referral Candy.



UX Design
UI Design
Visual Design



Marketing Website


Online Store


Mobile App



Setting up your trackers and base station requires some instruction. I added a walk-through tutorial which provides basic instruction with supporting videos on how to get your system set up.


List and Map View

Transparency in the status

One large item we tackled was handleing the different states of a tracker in the app. Rather than just telling a user the device is connecting or out of range, we provide the last location it was seen with a time stamp. The location on the map is shown as a circle to indicate that the location is not exact, unless you are using the live-tracking feature.


Tracker List and Map

Jocely Snyder
Iotera Inc, Marketing Manager

Nic was an amazing partner throughout the entire design and development process. From the first phone call, to months after the website went live, Nic has been available at anytime to brainstorm new ideas for unparalleled design work and aesthetic. He took the jumbled idea in our heads and turned it into a beautiful website that exceeded our expectations. He always kept the brand image front of mind and every recommendation was well thought out and completed to perfection. We will use Nic for any further design needs we may have.

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