A robust maintenance platform created for enterprises.

Fixd has been in the maintenance management business for years and needed a mobile app. I worked with the team to understand their customer's needs and produce an app for employees working in the field. Timed with a company-wide rebrand, I was also responsible for designing a responsive website to market their software service.


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UX Design
UI Design
Visual Design


A dynamic to-do list

As a tool for field-workers, the app’s primary role is to provide a list of the tasks at hand. Tasks are organized by recent activity and include all relevent details in the list view. Task priority is inidcated by the ring of color. Upon completion, each task gets closed by a green checkmark filling the circle, then it is moved into it’s own section.

Tools for the task at hand

Within each task is all the information and tools a field-worker needs on the job. The worker can view the activity feed of updates, keep inventory of materials, track other workers and downtime, and close the task once it has been completed.




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