Transforming railway operations for a sustainable future

Konux uses smart sensors and AI to deliver solutions for railway maintenance.

Konux partnered with the team at TM to develop a predictive maintenance system for railroad switches.

Joining the project after the initial phase, I was responsible for evolving the UX and creating the visual designs for all views. I developed the visual system of icons & colors, explored and applied navigation concepts, and led the design efforts on features like predictive data visualizations, maps, and globalization.




UX/UI Design



Intuitive iconography and components

Understandable components and color treatments were a necessity for this project. We dove deep to ensure every element translates across all languages.

Your system dashboard

We created the dashboard to serve as your system overview and surface every issue type based on importance.

All about the issues

We developed a series of widgets and data visualizations to clearly surface issue details throughout the experience.

Showing predictions

Robust data visualization

The switch is the most critical asset of the railway infrastructure and presenting its data was the crux of the project. By creating an interface that visualizes data across all sensors types, we enable engineers using the system to view both occurred and predicted issues so they can compare, document, measure, and resolve.

Map views

Naturally train routes span across vast areas of land. I designed the map views to illustrate the geographical relationships between switches and signal their importance based on traffic and location.

Dark mode

To ensure accessibility in all environments in the field, we offered an optional "dark mode" interface.